Aqua EJ0630 optima Oria Water Filter Jug

Aqua EJ0630 optima Oria Water Filter Jug

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Capacity 2.8 litres
Filtered capacity 1.4 litres
Slimline design
Easy fill lid
Dishwasher safe jug

The Aqua EJ0630 optima Oria Water Filter Jug offers outstanding functionality with its extra large 2.8 litre capacity and stylish slimline design, allowing it to be stored inside most fridge doors. Including an easy fill lid and compatibility with Aqua Optima’s fast flow 5-step filtration technology, the Oria will provide purer, great tasting water for all the family.

Enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered water at home with the Aqua Optima Oria Filter Jug. Aqua Optima provides a 5-step filtration system that significantly reduces impurities from tap water, such as limescale, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. Featuring a slimline design that will fit into the door of a fridge and a detachable handle, the white jug comes with 5 x cartridges that lasts for up to 60 days/200 litres each.

Aqua Optima Original up to 60 day water filter fits all Aqua Optima jugs as well as Brita* Maxtra* (not Maxtra+*) filter jugs. *Brita, Maxtra & Maxtra+ are registered trademarks of Brita GmbH.

All our filters are 100% recyclable through our free programme with TerraCycle in the UK and EIRE, visit the Aqua Optima website and recycling page to find out your local community collection location and to find out how to sign up to send filters back direct at no cost to you.

Benefits of Aqua Optima Jugs and Filters

Available in different multi pack options and designs, you can find your perfect water filter jug to keep you happy, healthy and hydrated.


    • Aqua Optima filters improve the taste of drinks and meals, whilst boosting your health and wellbeing

    • All Aqua Optima filters are recyclable in the UK and EIRE through our programme with TerraCycle

    • Using filtered water can extend the use of your kitchen appliances

    • Aqua Optima Original or Evolve filters fit all of the Aqua Optima range of jugs (except Anti Bac jugs) and cost as little as 3p a litre compared to bottled water

Health & Wellbeing

Using filtered water improves your health and wellbeing by keeping you happy, healthy and hydrated!


Cheaper Than Bottled Water

Costing as little as 3p a litre, drinking filtered tap water at home or on the go in an reusable hydration bottle saves you £££s and has less impact on the environment.


5- Step Fast Flow Filtration System Technology

Aqua Optima’s superior water filter 5-step filtration system technology reduces:


    • Chlorine

    • Limescale

    • Herbicides & Pesticides

    • Lead

    • Heavy metals

its All Aqua Optima Jugs

Both the Evolve and Original filters fit all Aqua Optima jugs *not antibac, whilst the Evolve filters are compatible with most leading brand