BaByliss 7847U MEN i-Trim Stubble Beard Trimmer

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  • Cutting lengths: 0.5-15mm.

  • 40 minutes usage.

  • 1 attachment: .

  • Stainless steel blades.

  • 1 head.

  • For wet and dry use.

  • Fully washable.

  • Corded or cordless use.

  • Accessories include: cleaning brush


BaByliss MEN i-Trim Stubble Beard Trimmer

The BaByliss MEN i-Trim Stubble Beard Trimmer has been designed to give you every day stubble control. The trimmer has 30 ultra-precise length settings, so you can maintain your preferred facial hair style at all times. Whether you’re looking for a short ‘shadow’ look, a longer stubble look, or even a full beard, this product is full of great features to guarantee exceptional performance and to make creating your style as quick and easy as possible.

BaByliss MEN i-Trim Stubble Beard Trimmer Features:

  • Precision engineered cutting blades for a sharp and precise cut.

  • Scroll between 30 lengths using a precise dial control with 0.5 mm incremental changes.

  • Remove the comb guide to edge, shape and style the hair line.

  • Never run out of power with cord/ cordless operation.

  • For everyday stubble control.

  • Glide through stubborn facial hair.

  • Shape and style edges and neckline.

  • Cord/Cordless for everyday stubble control

  • Electro-chemically sharpened blades for exceptional precision and sharpness with no need for oiling
    Precise dial control adjusts the comb guide in 0.5 increments

  • Washable, easily cleaned by rinsing the head under the tap

Box Contains

1 x Trimmer
1.8m Power cord/adaptor
Cleaning brush<1 x 30 position comb guide
Information Booklet.