Binatone Latitude 70 PMR Two Way Radios | Black

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Binatone Latitude 70 PMR Two Way Radio | Up to 5KM Range | 8 Channel | Noise Cancelling | Auto Scan | Black

Simple and fun to use, the Binatone Latitude 70 PMR Two Way Radio offer free communication over distances of up to 5 kilometres , making them ideal for a wide range of uses such as camping, skiing, keeping in contact with your children in theme parks, and various outdoor activities.
Simple and convenient
The Latitude 70 PMR two-way radio is compact and features a moulded grip on the handsets for ease of use. Both handsets Both handsets come with a belt clip to enable easy storage when on the move.
Full of features
The Binatone Latitude 70 PMR Two Way Radio comes with eight channels for maximum communication, an adjustable volume control, a low battery warning to give you advance warning of your batteries running out, and a channel scan function which enables the user to search for other users on the same channel.

  • Set includes 2 radios.

  • 8 channels with up to 5km range.

  • 81 hours battery life.

  • Volume control.

  • Auto channel scan.

  • Battery level indicator.

  • Key lock function

  • Backlit display

  • Belt clip

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