Bionaire Compact Air Purifier

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Bionaire Compact Air Purifier | HEPA-Type Filter |  Ioniser for Allergies, Smokers, Pets and Pollen | Energy Class A] 

The Bionaire BAP600 is the newest purifier to be added to compact range. The design is radically different to all our other Bionaire purifiers with a design that is best described as 'egg' shaped, it really stands out that's for sure! The BAP600 is good for purifying rooms up to 22m2, and with it's optional built in night-light it is also ideal for bedroom use.

  • 360 Degree Airflow for Faster Allergen Removal in Medium Size Rooms: The UK Allergy approved BAP600 draws all airborne contaminants in via the cleanable hepa type filter which sits in the base of the unit. Up to 99% of allergens and other airborne pollutants are then trapped in the filter and the air is returned to the room clean and fresh through the grill on the top. This unique 'bottom to top' circulation method enhances the recirculation of room air through the purifier and removes the allergens around 50% faster than other similarly priced units. The high CADR means the BAP600 is ideal for use in rooms up to 22 square metres.
  • Permanent Filter - No Replacement Filter Costs: The BAP600 features Bionaire's patented permanent hepa type filter which can be cleaned and re-used again and again with potential savings of hundreds of pounds over the life of the machine.

Other notable features of the BAP600 are the built in nightlight. This can be turned on or off depending upon your preference, however the inclusion makes a nice touch when used in a child's bedroom or a hallway for a gentle illumination throughout the night.

The Three Speed Fan can be switched up or down manually to suit conditions, for instance if the pollen count is particularly high, a good idea is to run the unit on full speed for an hour or so in the room, before returning it back down to a lower (quieter) speed for sustained protection throughout the night. There is also a Filter Status Indicator which gives the user the heads up when the filter needs to be cleaned, thus ensuring the anti-allergen efficiency of the filter is always operating to its full potential. 

Low Running Costs 
The BAP600 uses only 33 watts of energy whilst in use. Therefore costs less than a light bulb to run. Between this and the re-usable filter we believe the Bionaire BAP600 is one of the most cost efficient air purifiers you can buy.

 Product Features:

  • Removes up 99% of allergens in medium size rooms

  • Compact & Stylish Design

  • Permanent Filter, never needs replacing.

  • Optional Nightlight

  • 3 Speeds