Braun Lightweight 168S Tripod+Monopod

Braun Lightweight 168S Tripod+Monopod

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Braun Lightweight 168S Tripod+Monopod

  • Quick coupling system
  • 3-way head
  • Central column
  • Aluminum legs
  • Hook for accessories
  • Minimum height: 60 cm
  • Maximum height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 1500 g
  • Maximum capacity: 5 kg

The Braun LightWeight tripods come in an attractive design and convince with their low weight and compact folded height. They are a useful companion with unmatched versatility and a very good Price/Performance ratio.

More often than not, simple snapshots can lead to amazing pictures. A professional picture, however, lives on its composition, the lighting and of course its focus. Both professional and ambitious hobby photographers will always carry their loyal companion with them—the tripod.  Especially in sports and animal photography, a tripod is part of the basic equipment.

Data sheet

Feet - 3 Segments
Crank Handle - Crank Handle with Geared Column
Max. height - 168 cm
Min. height - 60 cm
Tripod bag - Included
Load capacity - 5 kg
Pack size - 62 cm
Weight - 1500 g
Leg diameter - 26 mm
Spirit level - Yes
Carrying handle - Yes
Hook for accessories - Yes

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