Kenwood Abbey Design Kettle

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Kenwood Abbey Design Kettle

  • 1. 7L capacity
  • Removable filter - traps limescale for easy cleaning
  • Flip-top lid for one-handed operation
  • 360⁰ base for right or left hand operation
  • Water window - boil only what you need

Inspired by the popular decorated tile floors of the Victorian era, the collection is a beautiful balance of design and functionality. The iconic Abbey tile design is distinctive, and instantly recognisable as a Victorian classic.

Pretty and practical, this Kenwood kettle will go great in your kitchen. Obviously it makes a cracking tea and coffee, but it’s the little things that make it really special. First off, it has loads of space for water - enough for 7 brews, in fact - and the indicator makes it easy to see how much is already inside, so you’ll know if it needs topping up before you boil it. Next, it can sit on the base in any direction. This just means that it’s super simple to pick up and pour whether you’re left or right handed. And, to top it all off, it even has a limescale filter for better tasting water. Not bad for ‘just’ a kettle.


A large 1.7L capacity means enough water to make a round of hot drinks for everyone, but when it's just the morning coffee for one, the water window means that you will never overfill - saving time, energy and water..


Features 3000W of power for fast boiling. Hot water in no time for that deliciously refreshing afternoon tea.


Keep your kettle clean and reduce limescale built up with the removable mesh filter.


The clever flip top lid of the Abbey kettle means you can literally fill it using only one hand, perfect for anyone who often finds themselves doing two things at once.


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