Motorola MBP49 Video Baby Monitor

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  • 5” colour display

  • Remote pan, tilt & zoom function

  • 15 hours standby (parent unit)

  • Room temperature monitoring

  • Two-way communication


The Motorola MBP49 Video Baby Monitor has been designed to make monitoring your little one much easier. The Motorola MBP49 monitor has secure data encryption to ensure your privacy and can be used around the home and garden, allowing you to keep a close eye on your baby on the 5" colour LCD curved screen, listen to every little sound they make and with two way audio communication you can offer reassuring words should they wake.

Motorola MBP49 Video Baby Monitor Features:

The baby monitor offers a remote pan, tilt and zoom providing a 270 degree view of your baby's room in real time via the parent display unit which is also great to use at night with the infra-red night vision capability. The monitor can be used up to a range of 300m and if you should stray too far, the monitor will alert you to this with the out of range warning. When being used in battery mode, the screen will go blank after two minutes of inactivity, at which point the unit will enter a power saving mode.

The MB49 monitor also lets you keep an eye on the room temperature in the nursery so you can ensure baby's room is always at a comfortable temperature and the pre-installed lullabies to help to settle your little as they drift off to sleep.

  • Five inch colour LCD curved screen

  • Real time video colour screen

  • Camera with remote pan, tilt and zoom function for a 270 degree view

  • Two-way communication

  • Volume control

  • Infra-red night vision

  • Room temperature monitoring

  • Lullaby player

  • Portable parent unit

  • Range up to 300 metres with out of range alert

  • Secure data encryption

  • Rechargeable battery