Nikon 8x42 Monarch 7 Binocular Black

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  • Extra-Low Dispersion Glass Elements

  • Lead- and Arsenic-Free Eco-Glass

  • Phase-Corrected Dielectric-Coated Prisms

  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics


Nikon 8x42 Monarch 7 Binocular Black is outfitted with anti-reflection, fully multi-coated, extra-low dispersion glass elements and highly reflective dielectric-coated and phase-corrected roof prisms, to produce bright and clear high-contrast images with accurate colour rendition and minimal colour fringing across the entire field of view. Its 8x magnification brings subjects up close, without sacrificing the field of view or exit pupil, or the noticeable hand shake often associated with higher power optics, while the 42mm objectives boost its light-gathering ability to improve views in challenging light such as during the pre-dawn and late evening hours or in foggy and cloudy weather. With the combination of spacious field of view; glass, prism, and optical coatings; and long eye relief, users can enjoy a comfortable and immersive observational experience in most lighting conditions.

Complementing the optical performance are construction details that make this Monarch binocular durable and comfortable to use. It has a lightweight and durable reinforced polycarbonate ATB chassis and is protected by rubberized armour that is accented with indented palm rests to give it a secure non-slip grip. The optical tubes are nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to be waterproof and resistant to internal fogging when moving through extreme temperature variations and environmental conditions. A one-piece ocular rainguard covers the eyecups as the binocular hangs around the neck and prevents rain and spraying water from filling them, and the objective lens caps are also tethered to keep them safe from being lost on the forest floor. The exterior lens surfaces are treated with a clear armour coating that helps to prevent scratches and abrasions, while allowing dirt, debris, oils, and saps to be more easily cleaned off without leaving residues.

Nikon 8x42 Monarch 7 Binocular Black Optical Performance

  • 8x power magnifies objects without sacrificing field of view or exit pupil

  • 42mm objective lenses improve light-gathering ability without adding excessive bulk or weight

  • Roof prism light path ensures optical tubes remain thin for a compact form factor

  • Extra low-dispersion glass reduces chromatic and spherical aberrations for increased contrast, improved color rendition, and sharpness without distortion across the entire field of view

  • Phase-corrected prism coatings reduce internal interference to improve light transmission, contrast, and resolution

  • Anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics maximize light transmission across the entire visible spectrum for accurate colour rendition and improved contrast and clarity

  • Highly reflective dielectric prism multi-layer coatings boost internal reflection to >99% to maintain image brightness and improve contrast and clarity

  • Apparent angle of view approaches wide-angle to provide an immersive observational experience

  • 420' field of view at 1000 yards

Use and Handling

  • Closed-bridge configuration provides a solid and stable platform for the internal focusing mechanism

  • Large slip center focus wheel allows for precise focus control, even while wearing gloves

  • Right eye dioptric adjustment collar helps to compensate for individual eye prescription

  • 56-72mm interpupillary distance range allows easy use by a wide variety of people

  • Twist-up/click-stop rubber eyecups for use with or without eyewear

  • Tripod mountable with optional adapter for hands-free use

  • Long 17.1mm eye relief helps to reduce eyestrain and improves viewing comfort

  • Wide 5.3mm exit pupil will completely cover most pupils as they open and dilate in low light to keep the full scene in view

Construction Details

  • Environmentally friendly Eco-Glass is made without lead or arsenic

  • Protective lens coating on external surfaces to prevent scratches and abrasions, and to make cleaning them easier without leaving residues behind

  • Lightweight and durable fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate chassis

  • Chassis material is temperature resistant, preventing the expansion and contraction that is common with metal, which can cause the optical components to move out of alignment over time and prevent sharp focus

  • Textured protective rubber armouring provides a slip-resistant grip, especially in cold and wet weather

  • Indents on the sides of the optical tubes are ergonomically placed where the hands naturally fall for a more comfortable feel in the hand and a more secure grip

  • Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed to be waterproof and submersible to 3.3' (1m) for up to 10 minutes and resistant to internal fogging when moving through extreme temperature changes and environmental conditions

  • Black coloring allows it to remain inconspicuous in all environments

  • One-piece tethered ocular rainguard protects eyecups from water pooling in them from rain or spraying water when hanging from the neck

  • Tethered fold-down objective lens caps prevents losing them during observation sessions