Nova Rotating Diffuser

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Nova Rotating Diffuser

Just when you thought Aroma Diffusers couldn't get any cooler! Sense Aroma are proud to introduce the aromatherapy market to our rotating aroma diffusers. 

The Nova Rotating Diffuser is capable of misting for up to 6 hours on high mist and up to 10 hours when emitting a low mist. With a water tank able of holding 100ml of water and fragrance, your customers will be sure to be impressed with the ongoing relaxing aroma's released from the Nova.

Hand crafted with mesmerising mosaic pieces, delicately arranged to create a beautiful display of tranquillity when illuminated. What's more is that this special piece of home décor looks absolutely beautiful when unlit also.

The 360° rotation feature comes in two speeds! Opt for the slower motion for a relaxing ambience in the night time or keep it cosy with the regular motion for a indulgent light show twinkling all around your room. 

Cable length 180cm
Materials: Glass, Plastic
Lighting: LED


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