Panasonic DentaCare Cordless Oral Irrigator - EW-DJ40

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Panasonic EW-DJ40 DentaCare Cordless Oral Irrigator 

  • Easy to grip and easy to fill with water
  • Fully waterproof and washable
  • Charge indicator light on top of unit
  • 2x Speed Modes
  • Easy to grip & easy to fill with water - 165ml tank volume
  • Fully waterproof and washable
  • Built-in nozzle storage space
  • Nozzle is hidden when unit is condensed for storage
  • Now fully charges in only 8 hours
  • One full charge provides around 15 minutes of use
  • Full tank of water will provide around 40 seconds of use between re-filling
  • Suitable for use with mouthwash

The Panasonic Dentacare range of oral irrigators have an incredibly good record of reliability and the new model, the EW-DJ40 has arrived. With their usual heritage of strict quality control and factory testing we are confident the new model will more than live up to the reputation we expect from Panasonic.

Now, instead of having a separate charger base, the Panasonic EW-DJ40 has an integrated charger. Simply plug the lead into the access port on the side (designed to be fully water proof) and allow to charge. The tank volume has been increased to 165ml and the whole unit condenses up when not in use - it measures 142mm (height) when closed and 218mm when expanded and in use.

Powerful waterjet removes food debris and massages gums.

2 mode settings: NORMAL - for removing particles, massaging gums and rinsing between teeth and gums SOFT - for gently massaging the gums or when normal is too strong

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