Remington Nano Series Nose & Ear Trimmer

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 Remington Nano Series Nose & Ear Trimmer

  • Active blade clean system with wash out port for easy maintenance
  • Anti-Microbial silver housing for hygienic trimming *only on vertical trimmer head
  • Dual sided vertical trimmer
  • Rotary trimmer head
  • Comfort tip blades for safe & easy use
  • Vertical guide combs for eyebrow trimming
  • Showerproof
  • Battery included

Our NANO Series Nose and Ear Trimmer is the perfect tool to remove uninvited hair.

The anti-microbial nano silver* housing and Active BladeClean System makes for hygienic easy maintenance, actively resisting bacteria to dramatically reduce build up so you can groom with piece of mind.

This versatile groomer is an essential for anyone ready for close ups

*only on vertical trimmer head

Versatile grooming

The dual edged blade, coated with comfort tip technology is angled with precision to reach every possible stray hair easily for hygienic trimming.

The anti-microbial silver housing* boast ions that combat bacteria, which often builds up on other trimmers, meaning those of you with sensitive skin, can avoid irritation and infection.

*only on vertical trimmer head

Rotary trimmer

The rotary trimming head allows for accessible grooming - reducing the effort of achieving the perfectly groomed look.

The rotary head has been designed entirely to cut safely and cleanly, thanks to its curved plates that draw in hair from both the top and sides.

Easy cleaning

The Active BladeClean System has a simple to use push-button wash out port that removes any fiddly cleaning, allowing you to reuse without any build-up.

The comfort tip blades mean you can speed through your grooming without a care for nicks or cuts.


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