Salter Nutri Pro Multi-Purpose Blender l Red

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Salter Nutri Pro Multi-Purpose Blender l Red

  • Boosts immune system
  • Healthy antioxidants
  • High fibre
  • Easier weight loss
  • Improves digestion

    Start Your Day the Right Way

    Wake up your taste buds and enjoy a delicious smoothie loaded with healthy nutrients every single day.

    Top up one of the supersize cups with your favourite fruit, veggies and grains, then attach to the NutriPro base and blend to your desired consistency.

    The perfect morning pick-me-up or nutritious snack between meals, the benefits of incorporating smoothies and juices into your diet are endless.

    Using 1000W power and unique extraction blades, this fabulous Salter NutriPro blender locks in the best vitamins and minerals so you and your family can enjoy flavour packed drinks with all the nutrients you need. It comes with a large 1 litre cup and two 800 ml cups with flip top lids for drinking on the go, plus storage lids for making smoothies in advance.

    With a smart titanium base measuring just 15 x 15 x 21 cm for convenient storage, 50 healthy recipes are also included to get you started.

    Prep for Later and Enjoy On the Go

    Including a 1 litre blending cup and two 800 ml blending cups, which are all made from BPA free shatterproof plastic for extra safety and durability.

    Blend your smoothies in one of the cups, remove from the base and detach the blending blade. The easy drink lids allow you to take your drinks anywhere or you can place your smoothie in the fridge secured with a storage lid.

    Five a Day Made Easy

    Combine any number of fresh ingredients using this one handy device to make tasty juices and smoothies, as well as effortlessly topping up your daily fruit and vegetable count.

    Eating a minimum of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day lowers the risk of numerous serious health problems and the NutriPro makes this refreshingly easy to do.

    Brilliantly Powerful

    Capable of an impressive 25,000 rotations per minute, the blender is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier diet without all of the time consuming food prep.

    An incredible selection of fifty healthy recipes are provided to get you started, so you can try out new flavours straight away.

    Winner Winner Smoothie Dinner

    As featured on BBC2's What to Buy and Why, Cherry Healey enlists the help of top industry experts to get the inside track on the latest products, from technology to kitchen equipment.

    In 2016 the NutriPro ranked first above NutriBullet 900 Pro, Nutri Ninja BL490 and Vitamix S30, with superior performance and delicious results.

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