Sangean Traveller 760 DAB+/FM-RDS Digital Receiver

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Sangean Traveller 760 DAB+/FM-RDS Digital Receiver

  • 40 station presets (20 DAB+, 20 FM)
  • Information display for service data
  • Manual / Search tuning
  • Menu - selection of major functions
  • Easy to read LCD display with backlight
  • Automatic station search
  • Lock switch
  • Plays on rechargeable and dry-cell batteries
  • Rechargeable battery facility with charging LED indicator
  • USB B type socket for software update

The Traveller 760 is an excellent companion for portable fun. Add music to your visit to the park, a picnic or fun in the garden with this compact FM/DAB+ speaker radio.  Because of the big easy-to-read LCD display with backlight function, you do not have to worry about problems in the evening. 40 station presets are available with five presets each for FM and DAB+, and the Auto Seek function will automatically seek the active stations across the entire band, rather than to the next frequency.

This great and fresh design comes with great features like the headphone jack, which turns off the external speaker when headphones are plugged in, so you can enjoy your listening experience without disturbing those around you. Great for nighttime listening, tuning into sports information, or for music in your tent on a camping trip.

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