Sony High Power Audio Bluetooth Hi-Fi System | Black

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Sony High Power Audio Bluetooth Hi-Fi System | Black

  • FM radio tuner
  • HDMI input for enhanced home cinema entertainment
  • Karaoke feature using the microphone output
  • Party chain - connect to other speakers for more power
  • DJ effects to get the crowd in the mood
  • Portable Personal DJ System
  • Cinematic S-Force Front Surround
  • 3-way design
  • Gesture control
  • Mega Bass

Expand your home listening and entertainment possibilities with the MHC-GT4D High Power Audio Bluetooth Hi-Fi System. With multi-dimensional soundscapes, powerfully driven bass, wireless connectivity, multiple connection options and high-resolution the MHC-GT4D is one of the most versatile hi-fi systems out there.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
Compressed music files lose their original source quality, DSEE restores this quality, allowing you to hear your favourite tracks in finer detail once more. High frequency elements are given more focus, adding more richness and detail to give them that freedom in the mix once again.

Front Surround
Fill your room with natural organic sound that completely immerses you into the music or movie due to the S-Force Front Surround technology. Mimicking the way brain perceives sound sources, the S- Force Front Surround is able to deliver solid volume, time lag and superb sound wave spectrum, giving you three-dimensional sound fields across a wider platform.

3-Way Set-Up
Use as a home cinema by day and a party machine by night, the MHC-GT4D offers a versatile three-way home set-up for all of your listening requirements. Mount both speakers on top of the woofer, turn on the lights to create an illuminated party scene, connect the speakers to your TV and transform them into a soundbar for a home cinema experience or stand them on a surface for stupendous surround effects.

Live Stadium Ambience
Get into the spirit for the big game with all the ambient noise of a real stadium atmosphere using the Football Mode feature. Taking acoustic data from a Brazilian football stadium, the MHC-GT4D is able to enhance natural ambience noise from any sporting event on your TV screen, giving you the sense that you are really there.

Wireless Connectivity
Instantly connect to your NFC-enabled device and blast away your favourite tracks in stunning high-resolution. Entertain your party guests by streaming music from an online music source or your favourite playlist straight from your PC. Simply touch your NFC-enabled device to the speaker for a quick seamless connection and hit play.

LDAC Streaming
Introducing a new technology from Sony, LDAC gives you the capabilities to wirelessly stream music without losing its quality. Transmitting data at three times the standard rate ensures that your music is reproduced with studio-like quality.

Perfect Party Set-Up
Connect a pair of microphones and stage a karaoke contest with your friends or use the party chain to connect multiple speakers that deliver a higher sound output at your venue. There is also a DJ effects function, which you can create a roaring sound, WAH distortion, Isolate a single specific frequency or PAN sweep across the speakers. Download the Fiestable app to add more effects and control your DJ set from your smartphone or device.

In the box

  • 1 Speaker
  • FM Lead Antenna
  • Instruction Manual
  • Remote Control
  • R03 (Size AAA) Batteries
  • Speaker Pads8
  • Speaker Stands
  • Screws
  • AC Power Cord (Mains Lead)
  • Subwoofer

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