Sony ICF-C1TRD FM-AM Clock Radio Red

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  • FM/AM Alarm Clock Radio (Black)

  • Battery Back Up

  • Small And Compact 10cm Cube

  • Dual Alarm


Sony ICF-C1TRD FM-AM Clock Radio Red with Mirror Finish

This Sony ICF-C1TRD FM-AM Clock Radio Red features two alarm presets, you and your partner can both set your own alarm, so no one has to risk being late. If you're not really a morning person, you can set both alarms for yourself to make sure you definitely get up on time. If you want a more gentle wake up, there a progressive buzzer volume setting too.

The Sony ICF-C1T features FM and AM wavebands so you can tune in all your favourite stations. Features include a snooze function, sleep timer, and automatic date and time settings which adjust for summer/winter hours, so you don't need to worry about forgetting to change the clocks.

In case of a power cut, the Sony ICFC1T FM/AM Clock Radio incorporates a back-up battery so you can always rely on it to wake you up in time.

Sony ICF-C1TRD FM-AM Clock Radio Red Features:

Set 2 different alarms at once
This clock radio features two alarm settings. Choose one for yourself and one for your partner.

Battery backup
Automatic time setting when plug in for the first time and clock will be maintained even if there is a power cut.

Modern design
Stylish and simple design with few buttons for easy operation.

Convenient device
Adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing and automatic summer time adjustment for extra convenience.

No power, no problem

Wake you up no matter what. Even if the power is lost, the alarms will still sound at the preset times.

Advanced alarm features
Wakes you up gently thanks to the progressive alarm volume and extendable snooze functions.

AM/FM Analog tuner
Simply tune into the radio station you want to listen to and enjoy your favourite radio programme every night and day.


Type Clock radio
Colour Red

Output power 0.115 W
Speaker unit 66 mm speaker

Other features - Backup battery
- Timer function
- Automatic daylight saving time adjustment

Radio - FM: 87.5-108.0 MHz
- AM: 531-1602 MHz
Display LED screen
Clock Yes
Alarm - Buzz alarm
- Radio alarm
- Dual alarm
Snooze function Yes

Inputs No
Outputs No

Power options - Mains
- Backup battery CR2032

Box contents - Sony ICF-C1TW FM/AM Clock Radio
- Operating instructions
- Warranty
Dimensions 102 x 101 x 101 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 490 g