Tower T17066BLK VORTX 1.8L Manual Air Fryer

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  • Powerful 1300W

  • Temperature control from 80 to 200 degrees C

  • Uses little to no oil for healthier meals

  • Easy to use manual dials to set time up to 30minutes and temperature

  • Rapid air circulation system - allows faster cooking and saves energy

  • 1.8L capacity for all your air frying needs

  • Easy to clean parts require just a simple hand wash for ultimate ease

  • Anti slip feet design and overheat protection for added safety


Tower T17066BLK VORTX 1.8L Manual Air Fryer BLACK

This Tower T17066BLK VORTX 1.8L Manual Air Fryer with Vortx AirBlast technology cooks crisp, golden food on the outside whilst tender and juicy on the inside ensuring delicious evenly cooked food.

Product Feature: 

  • Temperature controls from 80°C - 200°C

  • Cooks food up to 30% faster with 99% less oil for healthier cooking, baking and grilling

  • Easy to use control dials, one for setting the temperature and the other for the timer

  • Advanced heater matrix provides quick cooking and energy efficiency

  • Compact 1.8-litre capacity is ideal for small households and flats

Other Information

  • Model: T17066BLK (Black)

  • Power: 1300W

  • Anti Slip Feet: Yes

  • Overheat Protection: Yes

  • Dimensions: H 31.9cm x L 23.4cm x W 30.4cm