Tower Vortx 1.5L 800W Air Fryer

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Tower Vortx 1.5L 800W Air Fryer

  • Powerful 800W
  • Capacity 1.5L
  • Automatic Set 200 Temperature
  • 30 minute Timer
  • Removable pot with non stick coating for easy cleaning
  • Built in over heat protection for added safety
  • Rapid air circulation cooking technology for crispy foods
  • Little or no oil required
  • Item Dimensions: H248mm x W20.50mm x D27.50mm

Enjoy your favourite fried food made healthier with this Vortx Air Fryer from Tower. It uses minimal oil to reduce your ingredients’ fat contents by up to 99%, letting you indulge in delicious fried chicken and crispy chips completely guilt-free. Vortx technology ensures your food is cooked with even coverage and traditional fried texture without compromising on taste – you only lose the fat, not the flavour. It works by quickly moving hot air through the fryer, cooking your food faster than a conventional oven and without the excess oil.

A 200 degree cooking temperature with 30-minute timer makes mealtimes quick and easy. With a compact design and a 1.5 litre cooking basket, this air fryer is the perfect size for single households and small families. This space-saving air fryer takes up little room on your countertop and can be easily stored in the cupboard when out of use.


Rapid air circulation cooks 30% faster with 99% less oil and the same delicious fried taste – you lose the fat, not the flavour


Uses only one spoonful of oil or a small amount of low-calorie cooking spray to make fried food healthier with 99% less fat


Cooks food faster than a standard oven to save you time in the kitchen, creating beautifully-crisp and golden chips in just 15 minutes


Features a compact size with a 1.5 litre cooking basket, able to serve multiple portions while saving more space on your countertop


Cooks at 200 degrees to make mealtimes quick and easy, complete with a manual 30-minute timer for added accuracy


The non-stick cooking basket takes the hassle out of the clean-up –simply remove it from the fryer and wash with warm soapy water after use



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