Wahl Close Cut Pro Red Clipper In Handle Case - 79111-2016

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Wahl Close Cut Pro Red Clipper In Handle Case - 79111-2016

  • Precision from 0.6mm (without guide comb) to 13mm
  • Cutting width: 46mm. Self-sharpening carbon blades
  • 1 interchangeable head.   
  • Suitable for extremely curly hair.    
  • Powerful and long-lasting vibration motor.  
  • 6 guide combs (2 coloured) 1.5/3/4.5/6/10/13mm

True to its name, the Close Cut Pro gives extremely accurate cutting results as close as 0.6mm (that's very close!) due to its patented zero overlap blades. The bladeset is made of high-carbon steel and has ultra-fine teeth, ideal for even the most demanding types of hair.

Thanks to its PowerDrive system vibration motor, the Close Cut Pro is a powerful cutter with at least 35% more power than other standard cutters. Equipped with a power cord, the Close Cut Pro is designed for long-term use.


This clipper’s extra-short cutting length was specially designed to help you style the neck area, the sideburns and the details around your beard and chin. Creating modern styles with fades & blends or clean-shaven looks has never been easier! Pick up this WAHL clipper, adjust the cutting length setting, trust the process & create away!


Take care of your personal grooming needs quickly and easily. With a cutting width of 4.6 cm, this clipper can cover large areas in no time, and its short cutting length (0.6mm) guarantees a clean-shaven look with no skin irritation. Should you prefer creating more elaborate body-hair styles, fear not! Just attach the guide-comb that works for you, and clip away!


Use this clipper “sans guide-combs” to create clean-shaven beard looks, or pop-on an attachment-comb of your choice to cut your beard at a certain length. In any case its cutting length of 0.6mm guarantees wonderfully “clean” styles, while its versatile add-ons should help you create any look you’re after.


This clipper’s 46mm cutting width guarantees easy grooming, while its professional, self-sharpening high carbon steel blades and its cutting length of 0.6mm promise detailed and accurate styling, and its Zero Overlap function allows you to “shave”. Use the guide-combs provided to achieve highly customized results.


This clipper's expertly designed, advanced technology electromagnetic motor guarantees 35% more cutting power. Turn it on, and feel the Powerdrive kick in!


This clipper’s cutting-edge specially designed blade sports a cutting length of 0.6mm. If angled, it adjusts to zero overlap allowing you to cut closer to the skin, making this an ideal clipper to create close-shaved looks and zero cut hair styles.


No need to worry about charging this WAHL masterpiece. Its corded design allows for power to run through it steadily, thus guaranteeing that the clipper won’t jam, even when grooming tough hair strands. The 2.4m long cord ensures great flexibility during use as well.


These professional, precision ground blades are made of high carbon steel to enhance accuracy and durability. Their self-sharpening design ensures that the blades remain sharp for as long as possible, while offering superior cutting performance to avoid skin irritation. The finer the teeth-the finer the quality.


The box includes: 6 interchangeable guide-combs (1.5, 3,4.5,6,10 και 13mm), cleaning brush, blade oil, scissors, comb, blade cover. It also includes a special case to take the clipper and its many accessories with you everywhere you go.


In order to ensure your device’s lifetime, it is essential to clean and oil its blades before each use. Place 5 drops of our specially designed WAHL blade oil on the blades and turn on the device on for 5 seconds. Use the brush provided to remove any hair when you’re done cutting your hair.

Box Contains

  • Wahl Close Cut Pro Red Clipper In Handle Case - 79111-2016
  • Cleaning brush
  • Blade oil
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Blade cover
  • Plastic storage
  • Transport case.

Wahl Close Cut Pro Red Clipper In Handle Case - 79111-2016 Specifications

Cord Type Corded
Cable length 309 cm
Cutting Length 1 - 3 mm
Power Type Mains Electricity
Cutting Width 45 mm
Motor/Drive Electromagnetic Vibrating Motor
Voltage 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Blade set adjustable with taper lever
Pin type EU 2-pin
Weight 610 gr

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