Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

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Meet one of the best tools for the cleaning of your car, the new Xiaomi BHR4562GL Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini is a a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, with a small size.
You can use it everywhere without any problem, from cleaning the corners of your home to have your car cleaner in the best way. You will be able to use it with total security in all the places thanks to its great dust tank.
And it has two speeds of use so you can adapt it to everything you need at the moment. It is a spectacular model to clean your car in the easiest way.


Portable and Lightweight Model

Thanks to its comfortable grip, this new model is ideal for keeping your car interior cleaner, and also for sofas, tables and other types of furniture with narrow gaps where dust tends to accumulate. It is one of the easiest models that you will find, you will be able to use it without having to have cables. One of the most spectacular models you will find, capable of giving you everything you want at this moment. A model that has a lightweight and portable design so you can use it everywhere without any problem.

More Powerful

On the other hand, the wonderful Xiaomi car vacuum cleaner incorporates multi-stage cyclonic technology, with the highest suction power you'll find and a rotation speed of 88000 rpm. One of the most powerful models you will find, being so powerful that it can pick up everything from dust bundles to the largest particles. All this in its 100 ml tank.

Use It For a Long Time

Without a doubt, the best thing about the new vacuum cleaner is its portability. That is why it has been equipped with a spectacular battery, capable of giving an autonomy of about 30 minutes at a standard operating capacity. If you use it at maximum power, it will reach up to 9 minutes. The easiest model to use, which will give you everything you need to enjoy yourself. One of the best models you will find right now.


Other Features:

  • Powerful suction: 13,000 Pa
  • Motor speed: 88,000 rpm
  • Quick start-stop: Keeps dust from escaping
  • Innovative 2-in-1 nozzle: The two nozzles can be used separately or together
  • Handy to clean up: Compact, easy to use, great for different household cleaning needs. Never worry again about food crumbs on the floor.
  • Reaches deep Into nooks and crannies
  • Your secret weapon for taking care of your car: The inside of your car can get pretty dirty on smoggy, dusty days. With this vacuum, all that grit will have no place to hide.


Technical specifications:

    • Brand: Xiaomi Mi
    • Model: Vacuum Cleaner Mini
    • Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner
    • BLDC electric motor
    • Tank capacity: 100 ml
    • Rotational speed: 88000 rpm
    • Rated power: 30 AW
    • HEPA filter
    • Two suction power
    • Battery: - Standard operation: up to 30 minutes - At full power: up to 9 minutes
    • Dimensions: 26.7 x 5.5 x 5 cm
    • Weight: 500g

Package content:

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini, Charger and User Manual

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