Xiaomi Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner l Black

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Xiaomi Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner l Black

  • Vacuum, Mop/Scrub
  • Suction power: 2000 PA
  • Dust container capacity: 640 ml
  • Water level capacity: 180 ml
  • Filter: HEPA Washable - Double anti-dust, anti-mite system.

    Xiaomi Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black will help you clean your house in a smart way

    Robot vacuum cleaner - 2000 Pa suction power - 5200 mAh battery - Autonomy to clean up to 200 m2 - Special for homes with pets - Automatic charging function - 640 ml dust tank - 180 ml water tank with water flow adjustment

    Xiaomi Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black - Easy, effective home cleaning

    The new Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaner has plenty to offer to make you feel more comfortable at home. Like cleaning with up to 10% faster movement and a planned route, full control from the APP and integrated mopping function.

    The perfect vacuum cleaner for smart, deep cleaning

    It's simple, you should get Roborock E4 because it cleans your floors in the most efficient and effective way. Every movement it makes is precisely monitored by a set of sensors. This, combined with a map of the walls and obstacles it detects, lets you know where you have cleaned and how much is left to clean. It moves up to 10% faster than its previous versions, offers an 11% increase in suction power and its battery lasts twice as long, making cleaning deeper and longer. It combines suction and mopping functions to remove even the slightest trace of dirt that other vacuum cleaner do not even detect. Use the app to program detailed schedules for different days and even suction levels.

    Fast and efficient

    Thanks to its two integrated gyroscopes, the OpticEye laser and LED-based motion detection system and a bumper, the E4 robot faithfully tracks your movements, room boundaries and obstacles. It always knows where it has been and can calculate where it needs to go. And because it moves up to 10% faster, it finishes cleaning quicker.

    Powerful 2000 Pa suction

    In addition, Xiaomi Roborock E4's suction is 11% more powerful than its previous versions, reaching 2,000 Pa. This feature is ideal for vacuuming up dirt from floors, and essential for proper cleaning of your carpets. Plus, expert airflow engineering, optimised ducting and a static, bell-shaped high-pressure zone keep the suction power consistent throughout the cleaning process. Awesome!

    Even Mops

    But the Xiaomi Roborock E4 is much more than a vacuum. It makes your floors shine and sucks up even the finest particles, which other robots don't even notice, thanks to the easy-to-install mop. Now 28% larger, the E4's improved mopping system uses innovative hydraulics to adjust the water flow to suit your cleaning preferences.

    Long autonomy with a 5200 mAh battery

    Able to climb up to 2 cm, the E4 moves smoothly around the house, climbing thresholds and carpets. At the same time, a 5,200 mAh battery, 100% larger than the Roborock E2, provides power for vacuuming up to 200 m2 on a single charge.

    Specially for homes with pets

    Moreover, the anti-tangle main brush, the ScratchSafe side brush and the onmi directional front wheel are more resistant to tangling and allow E4 to clean without interruption.

    Automatic charging function - Ideal for larger homes

    Extremely large households can be cleaned effortlessly using the automatic charging function. The E4 knows that its work is not finished and, if the battery runs out, it returns to the station to recharge and continue the task right where it left off.

    All in a single App

    Control everything on your phone: start cleaning from anywhere, adjust calendars, choose cleaning modes, check progress in real time, etc. Once the cleaning is complete, check the complete map to ensure that E4 has cleaned the entire house.

    Other important features

    Roborock E4 includes even more features to make your life easier. Here are some of them:

    • More cleaning less emptying: A 640ml dustbin stores up to a week of dust and can be emptied in seconds
    • Washable Filter: The integrated E11 rated air filter is washable for a longer life.
    • Furniture protection: E4 automatically slows when it detect obstacles in its path.
    • Anti-entrapment systems: As it records every movement, E4 can escape from tricky locations.
    • Deep carpet cleaning: When E4 detects a carpet, suction power automatically increases to the maximum.
    • Optimized edge cleaning: E4 cleans the interiors of a space first, then finishes by running close to each wall. As it does, the side brush accelerates for a deeper clean.

      Technical specifications:

      • Brand: Xiaomi Roborock
      • Model: E4

      General Information:

      • Functions: Vacuum, Mop/Scrub
      • Suction power: 2000 PA
      • Dust container capacity: 640 ml
      • Water level capacity: 180 ml
      • Filter: HEPA Washable - Double anti-dust, anti-mite system.
      • Cable length (m): Wireless
      • Collision sensor: Yes
      • Distance sensor: Yes
      • Level sensor: Yes
      • Gyroscope / Accelerometer: Yes
      • Control: Automatic mode and from APP
      • App: Compatible with Android and iOs
      • Wi-Fi: Yes
      • Voice assistant: Yes, compatible with Amazon Alexa
      • Capacity: 5200 mAh