B+W Lenses and Filters Cleaner

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B + W Lenses and Filters Cleaner

  • B + W cleaning cloth: Microfibre for cleans perfectly
  • B + W lens cleaner: for stubborn dirt
  • Ideal for cleaning of all optical surfaces
  • Cleaning Cloth, Lens Cleaner Spray

A cloth alone cannot remove stubborn dirt on highly sensitive optical surfaces. The B+W Lens Cleaner II was developed for this purpose, a liquid, non-alcoholic cleaning solution with powerful cleaning agents that leave no annoying residue on the glass. The B+W Lens Cleaner  is supplied in a compact 50 ml plastic bottle as a pump spray without propellant. The B+W Lens Cleaner II is easy to use, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. Indispensable for every photographer.

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