Braun Monopod Light Weight M1

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Braun Monopod Light Weight M1

  • Extended length 171.5 cm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Segments: 4
  • Folded length 55 cm
  • Rubber pad and adjustable steel pike
  • Load capacity: 3kg
  • Weight: 360g
  • Incl. monopod bag

Braun expands their catalog with the versatile travel companion BRAUN Monopod Light Weight M1. A monopod should be light but sturdy. When it comes to difficult light conditions or if everything just has to be set up fast, monopods are a great alternative to tripods.

With the Light Weight M1, BRAUN offers a monopod with a height of up to 145 cm that fits cameras and camcorders up to 3 kg. Made of high quality aluminum and split up into four segments, the leg can be adjusted in length to work with different heights depending on what you want to use the monopod for. Thanks to the integrated ball head the Monopod M1 makes it easy to find the right balance and enables shake-free recordings.

The BRAUN Monopod Light Weight M1 convinces with its versatility as well as its light and strong construction. That makes the Monopod M1 the perfect tool if you’re always on the go  and includes a bag for the monopod.

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