Braun VloggKit 100

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Braun VloggKit 100

For all vloggers and those who want to become one! This perfect starter BRAUN VloggKit 100 set is suited for almost any use, and thanks to its rounded diffuser and soft illumination, ideal as a table solution for close range filming, or in combination with a power bank as a mobile light source. A simple and convenient solution for Home Office, Beauty Bloggers, and other situations that call for facial illumination.

The BRAUN VloggKit 100 has a 10.2" (26cm) ring light with 12W power, which is equipped with 120 LED lights. It is dimmable and offers an ideal illumination with three adjustable color temperatures for any application. The set includes a high-quality metal tripod and can be conveniently powered via USB connection via PC, power adapter or power bank. The maximum height is approx. 80 cm.

Data sheet

Illumination - 10.2" Ringlight 12W
Special features - ARC curved surface, Color temp. 3000-6000K, Dimmable
LEDs - 128
Power Supply - USB 5V
USB port - Yes

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