BWT Replacement Magnesium Filter Cartridge

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BWT Replacement Magnesium Filter Cartridge

  • Mineralized drinking water - filtered water with the flavor carrier Magnesium which provides Aroma, Clarity and Flavour.
  • Saves money, spend less on bottled water, protects the environment.
  • Protects kettles and coffee machines from Lime scale.
  • Quick filtering, less waiting time, no pre-soak required.

The human body needs about 300mg of magnesium every day. In special situations, e.g. when stress or physical activity, the requirement may be twice as high. The body cannot produce magnesium by itself, so the mineral must be supplied daily through food and liquid.

The patented BWT technology offers an intelligent and effective alternative to conventional supplements in the form of powder, tablets and capsules, where magnesium is usually bound to salts. The magnesium mineralised water technology delivers magnesium to the body in ionic form and by drinking water regularly. This is a significant advantage over a selective high-dose intake, in which a large part of the excess magnesium is released again and additional, unnecessary salts are added to the body. BWT magnesium mineralized water is the solution for a healthy lifestyle. With 2.5 Litre you can easily and effectively support your body and cover up to 20% of your daily need for magnesium. Simply without effort, without swallowing tablets - just by drinking water.

Magnesium is an essential mineral and contributes significantly to our daily wellbeing. It supports the function of the muscular and nervous system and strengthens bones and teeth. If the body lacks magnesium, the nervous system becomes unbalanced and can lead to muscle tension. Magnesium supports energy metabolism to obtain energy from nutrients. With its calming and muscle relaxing effect, it provides inner peace. It is also an energy carrier and helps reduce fatigue symptoms. It makes the body more resilient and stress-resistant. In addition, magnesium is a flavour carrier and gives the best flavor in cold and hot drinks as well as in food. It ensures the development of aromas.

Magnesium Mineralized Water

Significant improvement of taste

Reduces taste and aroma impairing substances such as chlorine

Reduces the limescale content

The limescale content of the water is reduced. Heavy metals and particles are filtered

Enriched with Magnesium

Mineralises tap water with the essential mineral magnesium. The filtered water ensures a smooth gourmet taste and it the perfect choice for preparing tea, coffee and smoothies.

By the way: Don't forget to change the filter cartridges every four weeks!

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