Fuji Flash TTL EF-X500

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Fuji Flash TTL EF-X500

  • EF-X500 Flashgun for X series digital cameras

  • Maximum guide no. 50 (ISO100)

  • High Speed Flash Sync

  • Wireless multi-flash TTL

  • Dust and weather resistant

  • Tilt and bounce flash head

  • Zoom head (24mm-105mm)

  • Built-in LED video light and AF assist light

Low-profile, premium design

Engineered with a low centre of gravity to maintain perfect harmony when mounted on the X Series cameras.

High-speed synchronisation (FP)

Focus on shooting and not on the concerns of shutter speed with High-speed Synchronisation (FP); that supports the 1/8000 sec. shutter found in the FUJIFILM X-Pro2

Multiple flash-unit TTL 

Unleash your creativity and take control any lighting condition with a single or multi-flash set-up. Control up to 3 groups, each with individual light settings to fine-tune the space of light; all from your camera.

Weather and dust resistant

The first FUJIFILM flash that is dust and weather-resistant making it the perfect companion for the FUJIFILM X-T1 and X-Pro2

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