Kenko 72mm PRO1 Digital UV lens Filter

Kenko 72mm PRO1 Digital UV lens Filter

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Kenko 72mm PRO1 Digital UV lens Filter 

  • UV filter optimized for digital photography for landscape photography. 
  • Blocks excess ultraviolet radiation
  • Slightly increases the contrast of the filmed scene,
  • can be used as a protective one.

The PRO1D series UV filter blocks UV rays, making the picture clear and contrasting. The filter is compatible not only with digital cameras, but also with classic ones using black and white and color film.

UV rays are the reason why pictures taken outdoors in the mountains or at sea suffer from a hazy effect and may appear blurry. UV filters are used to increase the contrast and brightness of photographs taken in such conditions.

Kenko PRO1D UV - optimized for use with digital cameras. Thanks to its multi-coated coating and excellent performance, the filter is an excellent solution for permanent use instead of a protective filter.

Digital Multi-Coating reduces the chance of ghosting caused by reflected light from the sensor surface.

The aluminum frame with a black matte surface does not cause side reflections.
The end face of the glass used in the PRO1D series is coated with a special charcoal black coating that reduces the risk of reflections from the end face of the glass.
The narrow frame allows the filter to be used with wide-angle lenses without causing vignetting. The lens cap can be put directly on the filter.

The serrated surface of the frame provides a secure grip on the frame, which allows you to quickly put on and take off the filter from the lens.
The plastic case protects the filter surface from UV rays, thereby extending the life of your filter.


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