Panasonic Cordless Phone | Twin Handset

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Panasonic KX-TGB612EB Cordless Phone | Twin Handset

  • Sleek, stylish design

  • Up to double the volume of standard Panasonic cordless phones

  • Nuisance call blocker with dedicated button

  • Shock-resistant handset

Nuisance Call Block with Dedicated Key

Nuisance Call Block allows you to block calls from unwanted numbers, such as telemarketers and free phone number prefixes. The current number can be easily registered to the call block list by pressing the Call Block key while the phone is ringing or during a call. The K X-TGB61 series can block as many as 50 registered numbers. This feature helps to keep your fun times from being interrupted.

Enhanced Receiver Volume

Clear and audible sound even when there’s background noise. The maximum receiver volume is around twice as loud as the standard Panasonic DECT telephones (e.g. K XTG6811).

Modern and Functional Design

The glossy surface and minimalistic design complement the simple layout of the keys. The look is elegant, pared-down and affordable.

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