Panasonic Rechargeable Dental Oral Irrigator with 4 Water Jet Modes

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Panasonic EW1411 Rechargeable Dental Oral Irrigator with 4 Water Jet Modes

  • Clean between teeth with the powerful water jet
  • Cleansing of periodontal pockets & gingiva care using a bubble water stream.
  • Effective cleaning with reduced frequency of water refill with "long-lasting mode
  • Powerful water stream flushes plaque and food debris from the periodontal pockets.
  • Gentle bubble water stream with a combination of micro-bubbles and soft water can directly clean the delicate periodontal pocket.
  • Includes 2 nozzles
The Panasonic EW1411 Rechargeable Dental Water Flosser is designed for Interdental Cleaning, Periodontal Pocket Cleaning and Gum Care with 4 Water Jet Modes.

Effective Dental Care
The EW1411 Water Flosser achieves its cleaning effect by means of a second pump, which enriches the water with extra oxygen. It features the option of choosing between a powerful water jet and a gentle air-water mixture for cleansing of periodontal pockets and gum care.

Remove Bacteria and Food Residues
The EW1411 Water Flosser can easily remove bacteria and food residue caught between teeth. In fact, the irrigation cleans places that a normal brush cannot reach such as dental bridges, braces and crowns.

Gum Care
In addition to cleaning your teeth thoroughly, the EW1411 Water Flosser also gently massages and cares for your gums. Simply use the Air In (Soft) mode; a water flow containing fine bubbles of air will comfortably stimulate and massage the areas of concern on your gum.
Convenient Use
The EW1411's water tank is completely removable. This means you can quite simply rinse it out with warm water and a gentle detergent – there's nothing to it.
Charging Stand
The EW1411's charging station is safe and easy to clean. In fact, it's completely non-contact to safely prevent damage from water and spray. In addition the counter-top charger is equipped with a nozzle stand and is wall-mountable.

Other Features

    130 ml water container
    15 hours charging time
    15 min. operating time
    100% washable

How to use

Take your dental care a step further with the Panasonic EW14411 Oral Irrigator.

The irrigator cleans areas a standard toothbrush can't reach and thoroughly cleanses with a choice of three modes.

The three levels of water jet intensity are ""jet"", ""regular air in"" and ""soft air in"" to give you customised effectiveness of oral hygiene, as you can choose which intensity is suitable for your teeth and gums.

The ""jet"" is for powerful removal of food residue, ""regular air in"" massages gums and rinses while ""soft air in"" is for a gentle massage.

All three modes maintain your oral hygiene with interdental, periodontal pocket and gum care.

The rotatable nozzle ensures the whole mouth experiences an equal clean, for a perfect smile every time.

The Oral Irrigator has an easy grip for convenience and the 130ml tank is simple to remove and refill for precise 35 second uses.

The irrigator is 100% washable, making it easy to clean without the worry of food residues or calcium deposits. The irrigator is the best investment you can
make for your teeth and gums to keep them shining and healthy.

Important info


  • Three modes- ""Jet"", ""Regular air in"" for ""Soft air in""
  • Removable water tank
  • 130ml tank
  • 100% washable
  • Charging stand
  • Easy -grip
  • Rotatable nozzle
  • Usage time 15 minutes
  • Interchangeable brushes
  • Rechargeable

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