Remington Heritage Fold Out Beard Trimmer

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Remington Heritage Fold Out Beard Trimmer - MPT1000 

  • Switch-Blade Style Design
  • Compact Design - for on the go usage
  • 1 Inch Blade
  • Chrome & painted finish
  • Battery Operated: AAA Battery
  • Turns on when opened - no switch
  • Slide on dual setting comb (3 & 5 mm) for facial trimming
  • Convenient Comb Carrying Compartment
  • Pocket Size

For professional trimming, detail is everything. So if you like to keep up appearances, you'll want a trimmer that'll keep everything in line. With its switchblade style design, the Remington Heritage Fold-Out Trimmer will give you an authentic barbershop shave, without the need for a barbershop visit. Cool, heritage styling To celebrate Remington's history, the Heritage Fold-Out Trimmer has a cool, retro look with a chrome-plated finish encompassing the technology of today. All the Details You Need It has all the details you need for precision trimming around the face, ears and neckline, leaving no stray bristles untamed. Its compact 1-inch detail trimmer blade is ideal for grooming beards and its slide on comb is great for keeping things tidy. Being battery operated and a handy compact size, it's a perfect trimmer to take on the go.

  • Combining classic style and cutting edge technology to bring you the ultimate trimmer, inspired by Remington's 80 years heritage of shaving expertise, this trimmer is designed with vintage style in mind
  • Short Beard Trimming and Maintenance: Keep your beard in check, includes a slide-on, dual setting (3 and 5 mm) comb that attaches to the 1 Inch blade, for short beard trimming
  • With the precision detail blade, creating the ultimate, well maintained beard is easy, contour your facial hair or create defined edges around your jaw line for a strong looking beard
  • Battery Powered: AAA battery included
  • Heritage detail beard trimmer and beard comb


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