Wine And Champagne Coolers

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Wine And Champagne Coolers

  • Environment Friendly
  • Unique Concept
  • Suitable for All Types of Bottles & Carafes
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Reusable Freezer Bullet
  • No Ice Cubes Needed
  • 6 Hours of Active Cooling
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No Condensation = No Wet Table/Bag/Hands
  • Includes 1 Freezer Bullet


    Introducing the Coolenator — a piece of timeless opulence for your beverages. This luxurious pattern adds a touch of refined elegance to your cooler, making every drink a sip of pure sophistication. Cheers to moments filled with the opulent beauty of marble. At Coolenator, we're passionate about delivering the best service and cooling experience to wine enthusiasts like you. Our cutting-edge product is the must-have accessory to enhance your wine drinking experience.


    • YOUR LAST SIP WILL BE COLDER THAN THE FIRST: Terminates warm drinks.
    • UNIQUE WITH FREEZER BULLETS! Actively cools your drinks. Fits all wine bottle, pint glass, pint bottles, jugs, champagne bottles and all cans. It will make your bottle colder for up to 6 hours. Enhances the quality of your drinking experience. Makes your last sip colder. No condensation, keeping your hands warm and dry. Made in Netherlands. Keep your freezer bullet in the freezer. Minimal space needed, maximum freezing power
    • HOW DOES COOLENATOR PRO WORK – Our freezer bullets are filled with a patented salt gel pack. You keep the bullets in the freezer and they will absorb a tremendous amount of freezing power! Once the bullet is inside the Pro the cold has nowhere to escape the 100% insulate cooler made of piocelan. The cold slowly releases through the aluminium cup directly into your drink for active cooling of at least 6 hour! The Coolenator PRO is made of very sturdy material and with care will last for years.
    • FREEZER BULLETS COOLING POWER – With Coolenator PRO’S long lasting and powerful freezer bullets you can take it with you and enjoy an ice cold drink anywhere such as; beach, pool, BBQ, lake side, picnic, fishing, sailing, in the garden and other outdoor events. Carry spare bullets for endless cooling. Easier to carry compared to a large cooler box. Great bottle coolers to enjoy with friends.
    • GREAT GIFT IDEA – This novelty wine cooler and champagne cooler is perfect for all kinds of parties and events, birthday party’s, anniversaries, weddings, graduation party, New Year’s Eve parties, novelty gifts, housewarming gift, retirement gift, Christmas gifts, party favour gifts, bar accessory.

    How to use the Coolenator wine cooler?

    Start by putting the removable freezer bullet in the freezer. We recommend a minimum of 8 hours for optimal cooling power. This may vary depending on how full your freezer is and at what temperature. When not using the Coolenator leave the freezer bullet in the freezer. This way is will always be fully charged to cool.

    Can I put my Coolenator in the dishwasher?

    We do not recommend putting the Coolenator in the dishwasher. This could damage the outer design. To clean it we recommend using a damp cloth without harsh chemicals.


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