Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra | Grey

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra | Grey

  • Newest type
  • Electric motor with a maximum power of 940 W, allowing you to overcome hills with an inclination of 25 degrees.
  • Dual suspension system that guarantees a comfortable ride on pavers and other uneven road surfaces.
  • An energy efficient battery providing up to 70 km of travel on a single full charge.
  • Proprietary 10" DuraGel pneumatic tires are puncture and damage resistant.
  • IP55 water resistant, thanks to which the scooter can be used in rainy weather.
  • Maximum speed 25 km/h. Acceleration from 0 to 25 km/h in just 4 seconds.
  • 4 driving modes, including walking (5-6 km/h).
  • Convenient platform 17 cm wide.
  • Robust aluminum alloy construction capable of supporting a rider up to 120kg.
  • Compatible with Xiaomi Home / Mi Home Apps, which can get information about the remaining charge, data on the technical condition of the vehicle, etc.
  • Front light and rear brake light for safe driving at night.
  • Color display showing information about the current trip.

The new electric scooter Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra has a very smooth ride thanks to its double suspension system . This will reduce vibrations and bumps while driving so that the user is safer. In addition, its Xiaomi DuraGel 10 tires are self-healing. If an object smaller than 3.5mm gets caught in the tire and is removed, its gelatinous layer will quickly repair itself, reducing the risk of a puncture.

Climb slopes up to 25% incline

This Xiaomi scooter has a brushless motor with a maximum power of 940W and has outstanding transmission efficiency. Thus, it allows a fairly high acceleration, reaching up to 25 km per hour and climbing slopes of  up to 25%.

Various modes of use

The Electric Scooter 4 Ultra integrates four different modes : a pedestrian mode, which reaches 5 to 6 km/h; a standard mode, from 5 to 20 km/h; its sport mode, which reaches up to 25 km/h; and its  exclusive S+ mode , which will reach 25 km/h in just 4 seconds. 

Very high battery life

The  Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra has a  12000 mAh capacity  lithium battery that gives it an ultra-long range of up to 70 km . In addition, it only takes 6 and a half hours to fully charge with its 124W power charger. 

Bigger and wider

This scooter has a  wider and taller handlebar , along with a larger deck, so that bigger people can use it. As it is developed with aluminum alloy, the  Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra offers a very high duration and supports loads of  up to 120 Kg . It is resistant to dust and splashing water with its IP55 resistance . 

Smart travel under control

If the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra is used together with the  Xiaomi Home/Mi Home APP , it allows you to consult the data of the routes taken, the autonomy that the battery has left and possible failures of the scooter. It even allows you to configure the rear light, to see if it always stays on. And with the vehicle running, you can turn on the headlight for added safety at night.

In the box:

  • Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra - 1
  • Power Adapter - 1
  • T-handle Allen Wrench - 1
  • Extended Nozzle Adapter - 1
  • Screw - 5
  • User Manual
  • Important Information
  • Specifications

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra Grey Specifications

Brand: Xiaomi
Model: Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

Rated: 500W
Maximum: 940W

Maximum: 25 km/h
Pedestrian mode: 6 km/h
Standard: 20km/h
Sports: 25 km/h
S+: 25km/h
Maximum load accepted: up to 120 Kg
Driver height: 120 to 200 cm

Double suspension system
Maximum inclination accepted: up to 25%
E-ABS brake system and drum brake
Tires: Xiaomi DuraGel 10
IP55 dust and water resistance
Front light and rear light
Compatible with APP Xiaomi Home/Mi Home

P2301-BD5A Lithium Ion Battery
Rated Capacity: 12000mAh/561.5Wh
Battery life: up to 70 km
Charging time: up to 6.5 hours
Charging temperature: 0°C ~ +40°C

Power adapter
Max output power: 124W
Input Current: 2A Max
Output current: 2.3A
Input voltage: 100A 240V AC
Maximum output voltage: 54.6 V DC

Weight: 24.5 kg
Dimensions (unfolded):
1200 x 1260 mm 
Dimensions (folded):
1200 x 535 mm

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