Cavus Smart Wall Mount For Sonos Arc | Black

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Cavus Smart Wall Mount For Sonos Arc | Black 

  • Suitable for Sonos Arc
  • Spirit level incorporated in frame
  • Wall bracket hangs on the wall
  • Available in white and black
  • All necessary mounting materials are included

With the Cavus smart wall bracket you can hang the Sonos Arc on the wall. The subtle design of this fixed suspension bracket ensures that the bracket is hardly visible. The smart suspension bracket and the Sonos Arc are fully compatible with each other. The Sonos Arc has a built-in sensor and will recognize the wall mount thanks to the magnetic field of this Cavus mount. 

This actually allows the Sonos Arc and the wall mount to communicate with each other and the Sonos Arc will automatically adjust the sound of the soundbar to the position: hanging on the wall. The Bass from the Sonos soundbar will be adjusted to avoid annoying resonance . An integrated spirit level ensures that the Sonos ARC is always hung straight and with all included mounting materials, installation is simple and quick.

The design of the soundbar has been taken into account when designing this functional CMSARC bracket for the Sonos Arc. The sleek, recognizable appearance of the Sonos Arc comes into its own because the Cavus suspension system is completely concealed behind the Sonos Arc. The wall bracket is available in both white and black. The color of the wall mount matches the color of the Sonos Arc.

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