Lloytron NIMH AccuPower Battery AAA 550mAh | 4 Pack

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Lloytron NIMH AccuPower Battery AAA 550mAh | 4 Pack

  • 550mAh capacity
  • Size: AAA
  • NiMH rechargeable
  • 1000 charges (approx.)
  • Packaging: 4 pack blister card

With a life span of up to 1000 charges, this 4 pack of rechargeable 550mAh AAA batteries are a simple and reliable source of power for your everyday devices. Their long shelf life means they are always around when you need them with 80% energy retention after 1 year. The rechargeable hybrid technology (nickel-metal hydride) allows for less waste than with standard disposable alkaline batteries. Please note the charging device is sold separately.

The batteries contain 0% of harmful metals cadmium and mercury. Each battery casing prevents leakage to protect your family's devices and is made up of anti-corrosion components.

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