Philips Series 5000 Wet And Dry Electric Shaver

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Philips Series 5000 Wet And Dry Electric Shaver

  • ComfortTech blades
  • 360° Contour heads
  • Advanced display
  • SmartClick precision trimmer

The Philips Series 5000 beard shaver glides smoothly over your skin and brings comfort to your morning routine. ComfortTech self-sharpening blades, 360 flexing heads for an optimal skin contact, and a waterproof ability to perform in both wet and dry conditions give you a thorough and comfortable shaving experience. It comes with an open flip head that can be rinsed with water for cleaning, a click-on SmartClick precision beard trimmer for shaping your moustache and sideburns, and an intuitive display that includes 3 level battery status, cleaning advice, and travel lock indicator, an integrated trimmer, and a travel case.

Efficient clean shave for optimum skin comfort

Self-sharpening blades provide an efficient clean shave for optimum skin comfort. The curved blade caps shield your skin from the blades, which gently cut hair just above skin level.

Maintains skin contact for a comfortable, smooth shave

Fully flexible heads turn 360° to follow your facial contours. Experience optimal skin contact for a thorough and skin-friendly shave.

Click-on trimmer for perfect moustache and sideburn trimming

Click on our skin-friendly precision trimmer to finish your look. It's ideal for maintaining your moustache and trimming your sideburns.

Ergonomic grip with anti-slip rubber

The shaver is designed with an ergonomic grip, so each movement feels natural. The new ergonomic handle with anti-slip rubber ensures you get an effortless easy shave even when using under the shower.

Choose a convenient dry or refreshing wet shave

A wet and dry shaver that adapts to your preferences. Choose a convenient dry shave or pair with your favourite foam or gel for a refreshing wet shave.

One-touch open for easy cleaning

Clean the shaver with ease. At the touch of a button, flip open the shaver head and rinse with water.

Up to 50 minutes of cordless shaving when fully charged

Shave cordlessly for up to 50 minutes after one full battery charge.

Fully charged in one hour

Fully charge your Philips shaver in just 1 hour with the powerful and energy-efficient lithium-ion battery. In a hurry? Plug in your shaver for 5 minutes and get enough power for 1 full shave.

LED display with icons to use the shaver intuitively

The intuitive display shows relevant information, enabling you to get the best performance out of your shaver: - 1-Level Battery Indicator - Cleaning Indicator - Battery Low Indicator - Replacement Head Indicator - Travel Lock Indicator.


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