Tower Electronic Kitchen Scale | Black

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Tower Electronic Kitchen Scale | Black

  • Large LCD screen for easy visibility
  • Add and Weigh function allows you to add ingredients as you go
  • Multiple measurement indicators for all ingredients
  • Compact design for easy storage

    Accurately weigh a number of ingredients with Tower Black Electronic Kitchen Scale, which offers a generous 5kg/11lb capacity and accurate 1g/0.1oz graduations.

    This compact and sleekly designed kitchen scale is a great tool for accurately measuring your ingredients when cooking. With a weighing capacity of up to 5 kg, these scales feature a 1g graduation scale and multiple measurement indicators, which help add precision to the weighing process.

    Also included is the convenient add and weigh zero function, which allows you to weigh multiple ingredients at the same time.

    The digital scale comes complete with a large, easy to read LCD screen.

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